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Daria Fuller-Dinger


My name is Daria Fuller-Dinger. I was born on the 13th Nov. 1973 in Bielsko-Biala /Poland.

Sulkowski-Castle in Bielsko-Biala

I was a teeneger, when I came with my mom to Germany as a german emigrant at we lived in Bad Hersfeld where I went to school.


After my highschool I visited in Kassel a foreign language school learning as a forgein language correspondence clerk in english and spain.

Shortly after I got married and my biggest dream came true, I became a son Kenny (19).

My sonKenny in age from 7 month.

My son Kenny in age from 21 years.


As I was still a child I wanted to become a cosmetologist and a make-up artist. Because my mom was in charge, I had to l use my linguistic talent :) and learn something "wise". She was always saying that I can learn it a secondary occupation...ok, she was right :)

How I became a sculptor? Just like everyone I was looking for a doll in E-Bay, I´ve miss a doll from my childhood (Zapf)...I didn´t find the doll, but someone else who was selling a baby...don´t worry I was just a reborn doll. I wanted to have a doll like this, but the price was scarring me...the reborns were back in 2002 new on the market and the cheepest was sold between 300-500€ for a Berenguer or Juan. I have bought my first Juan and right away my first doll kit. In Puppen - Traumland I found my first forum and I´ve started reborning. In 2005 Petra Seifert motivate me to try sculpting. At first I was not to sure about the idea, but Petra kept at it and helped me virtual to sculpt my first doll. Thank you, Petra! I was so impressed, that I kept sculpting.

On 13.11.2006 (my birthday) I got a call from the States. At first I thought that an american wants to wish me a happy birthday, but... my happiness was even bigger as my america said that she´s the boss from Master Piece Gallery. On Petra Lechner Website they found my doll named "Demi" and wanted to produce here. I had a problem...Demi was a portrait doll, that I´ve sculpted for a Lady in Holland. That Lady was so happy as I was finished with that doll and she could hold the copy of her granddaughter in her arms. I could not destroy the happieness of that Lady.I I cancel the production. I wrote the Lady the hole story that her granddaughter is so cute that even Master Piece want to produce her. That wonderful person wrote me right away back that we should do it. The hole world should be so happy as she was when she got the portrait doll from me. I was really touched. The Lady send me the doll back and Master Piece has they picked doll. Demi was produced in Silicon Vinyl in limited edition from 500 pieces. Since 10th march 2007 she was sold thru HSE 24 and she´s sold out edition. Maybe she was not perfect, but she still means so much to me. I love her and she was almost 100% just like the little holland girl Demi and I have made her hole family happy.

Demi - Master Piece -HSE24

The year 2007 was a difficult year for me  with lots of top and falls. In October 2007 I became a brain stroke without any reason, but I very thankful to my husband and my family that they save my life and I healthy again. My guardian angel had really big wings. Christmas 2007 my first doll kit  was produced from Carmen Sommer once-so-real. That it was my very first doll kit I named him like my son - Kenny. It was not his portrait.

Doll kit Kenny - once so real


August 2010 my new doll kit "Baby Boo" came out. Other doll kits are planed.

Doll kit Baby Boo


I´ve concetrated to sculpt even more real and detailed. The babies should get even more realistic. I working with all diffrent kind on clays without using molds! Every doll ist one of a kind (OOAK) and just one on the hole wide world. I´m fascinated with all the possiblities the sculpting is giving me. I put  lots of creativity, patience and love into my dolls. I love sculpting from pictures. The portraits dolls are my favorit. The customer (most parents) make me so much pleasure. I can feel the joy and happiness from them. It´s a incedible feeling! Thank you for it!



I live in Homberg Efze.

Thank for permission to Mike und Kai Trinkus


My family also includes my two dogs a West Highland White Terrier Girl and a Golden Retriever Boy.

Our dogs


Thank you to Everybody for giving my dolls a new home, for the lovely mails, pictures and for believing in me.


Design und Bilder © Daria Fuller-Dinger